Did you know as of January 2014, Americans now use smartphone and tablet more than PCs to access the Internet! People are on the move.  Your customers are on the move.

Your customers are looking for you on their mobile devices.

Just to clear up a large misconception, just because you can see you business website on your phone DOES NOT mean it’s mobile friendly.  It will show up…but is it user friendly?

Here is a free tool from Google to rate your site: Google Mobile Friendly Test.

Google did a survey back in 2012 and found that 61% of people will leave a website in under 5 seconds when they are using a mobile device and the website isn’t mobile friendly.

So…if half of your customers are looking at your website on mobile device and 61% of them leave in under 5 seconds if you are not mobile friendly…then your non-mobile friendly site is loosing you customers (yea…that’s money).

Check-In Web Design specializes in taking your non-mobile, never updated from the late 90’s site, and rebuilds it to make it something that will draw in your customers.

There is a large difference between “Mobile” websites and a Responsive Design.  We only build Responsive Design site (because that’s what Google suggest).  To learn more about Responsive Design vs Mobile Websites, visit our Blog.

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